What to do?

New Website

Finding Enough Welcome to my new website! I have decided to stop the group program, Healing Your Relationship With Food, I have been facilitating for 14 years. I continue to meet with adults, teens and families dealing with eating disorders in my private practice.  The move to doing all my work with individual and family

The New Points Program, where I count.

The following was inspired from group last night. Many people in recovery from an eating disorder (or two) struggle with the years of dieting messages ingrained in their thinking. One such example has been the long-established and lusciously embraced “Points” system one commercial diet program touts. I thought that if clients love such a simple

Peaceful Eating for the Holidays

1. Be realistic about expectations. Don’t buy into all the commercial hype and the “Norman Rockwell syndrome” 2. Sit back and write down what YOU want out of the holiday, try to stay on track with what you want by referring to the written list. Make these things happen for you. 3. Reduce stress by

Portia de Rossi is intuitively eating.

Portia de Rossi was on Oprah November 1st promoting her new book about her life with an eating disorder called Unbearable Lightness. It is an interesting and inspiring story of triumph and healing. Near the end of the interview, Portia describes how she stays on track with her eating disorder recovery and I was taken

Made to Move

Intuitive movement is so far from the common experience for most people these days. “Exercise” is the word most of us use to define our body’s movement. This is, unfortunately, fused with “dieting” as if it is one word. “DietAndExercise” comes with pressure, shoulds, unwritten contracts, endless increases in time/distance/endurance, is fear-based, guilt-ridden, competitive and

Oprah May Be Getting It!

So glad to hear on Oprah today her saying that she is thinking differently about dieting and “jabbering about weight loss”, moving instead to recommending Geneen Roth’s recent publication Women Food and God. Yeah for her! It would be such a relief if she could stop her focus on weight loss and begin to focus